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WebAdvantage is a powerful cloud based content management system that leverages the power of the Salesforce platform to deeply connect and integrate your employees, your customers and your business into your online presence

Connect Your Employees

Connecting Salesforce to the WebAdvantage platform means your Salesforce users can securely and automatically access and manage their own content based on their permissions in Salesforce. Editor permissions are granted based on the users privileges within Salesforce . This makes your intranets, your landing pages or your public facing sites, easier to maintain and secure.

And it give your employees the power to engage with your customers where your customers are – online

Your Customers

Engaging with customers online creates a direct relationship between the online login and profile and your Salesforce records. With WebAdvantage these records are kept in sync and continuously track your customers activity.

Customers love the convenience and ease of access to their records and self service – and sales and marketers love the deep insight into their identity and behaviour.
Directly from within Salesforce, access can be granted access to exclusive content for customers who become purchasers. Or download a white paper. Or need to access a special offer.

Your Busness

If you know the identity of your customer, you can start to do business with them.
WebAdvantage comes with the tools to expose any Salesforce data directly to your customer and to let them fill out order forms, make a booking or directly transact with you. - all done with clicks - not code.

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