Don't you wish that you could have an amazingly powerful, yet easy to use, website which converted your online customers seamlessly into Salesforce? That you could use Salesforce to interact and transact with those customers without having to create and manage more logins and work for your employees?

You want to connect to your customers, WebAdvantage makes it possible.

WebAdvantage for Salesforce is a powerful, cloud based, content management system that leverages the power of the Salesforce1 platform API set to deeply connect and integrate



Engaging with customers online through your WebAdvantage site creates a direct sync between their online login and user profile and your Salesforce records. And you can control, within Salesforce, what pages and content they can view. Customers love the convenience and ease of access to their records and self service – and sales and marketers love the deep insight into their identity and behaviour. Within Salesforce, you can manage access to exclusive content for customers who become purchasers. Or download a white paper. Or need to access a special offer.

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Stay in Contact

Customers who register automatically have their profile populated with Salesforce contact profile which they can edit and keep up to date.

Simple, Secure Login.

Integrate Social Login with Salesforce contact records to make it really simple for customers to login securely without you holding their passwords.

Access My Records

With WebAdvantage you can expose any customer data held with Salesforce - giving them a real time view of anything you wish to share.


If you know the identity of your customer, you can start to do business with them. WebAdvantage comes with the tools to expose any Salesforce data directly to your customer and to let them fill out order forms, make a booking or directly transact with you.


Lets customers submit easy to build forms directly into Salesforce .

Data and Reports

Expose customer records and lists directly to your customer.


You have full design control of the output of customer records.


Connecting to the WebAdvantage platform means your Salesforce users and employees can securely, and automatically, access and manage their own content. Editor permissions are granted based on the users privileges within Salesforce. Once set up, there is minimal administration with WebAdvantage. This makes your intranets, your landing pages or your public facing sites, easy to maintain and secure. And it gives your employees the power to engage with your customers where your customers are – online.

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Single Sign-On

Your employees can utilise their salesforce user accounts to remotely authenticate on to your WebAdvantage site with appropriate permissions to edit and manage users and content.

Activity Patterns

See when your contacts and work force last logged in to your WebAdvantage site and what content is most popular directly from Salesforce. *Coming Soon

Create an Intranet

Create a secure intranet only for employees and share company wide notifications and articles sourced from your CRM with simple CMS tooling.

For Developers

Create your Powered Web Application

WebAdvantage lets you easily consume your custom REST endpoints with a point and click interface and mix and match your data with CMS modules.

Customer Management Out of The Box

WebAdvantage gives you all the tools to manage your customers registrations, login and profile management.

Beautiful, Powerful Web Applications.

WebAdvantage is a full blown content management framework allowing you to roll your own design, functionality and features into a custom web application.

Powered by the WebAdvantage Platform

WebAdvantage focuses on enabling the power of simple identity mapping to enable new value to customers and staff to empower a CRM contact or a salesforce user with a feature portal to service their specific needs:

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How will you use WebAdvantage to connect to your customer?

The flexibility of a WebAdvantage portal can be harnessed to open up the reach of your departments to your customers. Reach for back of house and customer facing departments to the web through simple configuration, see how you can empower your departments with some of the following: