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Hosted in the cloud.

In the cloud

You don't have to worry about setting up and maintaining your webservers, databases and storage.


No limit on pageviews and we give you a generous 10GB of storage to start.

Custom Domains

Add your own domain names, including custom domains for campaigns and projects.


Scaleble for those peak demand periods.

Customizable to your business


Add your logo's and images easily through simple interfaces.

Custom Themes

You can use our selection of standards and mobile compliant themes - or we can create a custom theme that matches your branding for you. Just ask.


The WebAdvantage platform is plug and play and we can develop any range of modules for custom applications and integrations for you.


Add more pages, content users,traffic - even whole sites as you grow,

What WebAdvantage do you need?

  • Customer Connectivity

  • Salesforce

    Websites to connect your customers to Salesforce(tm)

  • Microsoft Dynamics

    Websites to connect your customers to Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Identity Integration

  • Active Directory

    Secure intranets connected to your Active Directory.

  • Azure AD

    Get your intranets and extranets onto the internet.

  • Email and Document Access

  • Google Apps

    Websites integrated with Google Apps for Business and Education

  • Office 365

    Move your intranet to the internet - secured against Office365 and Azure Active Directory

Content Control and Configuration

Once you have your content configured, control your access and integrate your identities. Whether the focus is on customers or employees you can map your external identities to bridge the gap between client applications to your back-end CRM and identity management systems.


DNN® is the leading commercial open source portal framework and CMS for the Microsoft stack. It has been recognised as a niche leader by Gartner and used on over 750,000 sites worldwide. DNN is supported by a huge eco-system of developers, designers and extensions and more importantly, is supported by DNN Corp who have advanced content and social platforms - Evoq Content and Evoq Social

Support as you need it.

Beyond the platform, we offer premium support to help you navigate your setup scope and support challenges so that you know you can continue to grow your platform as your portal needs grow and not have to worry about technical details and maintenance issues.

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Custom Assistance Packages

We understand each client has their own level of customisation they need to achieve to suit their business. So on top of the pricing package tiers we offer assistance blocks of 1 day, 5 days or 10 days purchasable at any time to help you customise your portal experience beyond the basic feature sets to extend your portal to cater for custom integration.

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5 Day Block


10 Day block